Leeds-Airport to Brighton by Car (4hr 38min 268 miles)

Car parking

Brighton is 268 miles (431.48Km) from Leeds-Airport. If you are travelling to Brighton by car, you have several options on what to do with your car when you get there. If you are only visiting for the day then it is best to use the Bristol Park and Ride facilities located North, South, East and West of the city centre.

If you are just visiting for a few hours then you might want to use one of the car parks located near the City Centre. For more detailed information including maps see our guide to parking in Bristol. If you need to book a rental car when you get to Bristol there are several places to pick up a car.

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  Brighton Events

Brighton Half Marathon
(Sun 25th Feb, 2018)

Over 13,000 runners participate in the annual half marathon along the Brighton Sea Front.

Brighton Festival
(Sat 05th May, 2018)

Cultural festival annually taking over a variety of Brighton venues for three weeks in May.

London to Brighton Cycle Ride
(Sun 17th Jun, 2018)

Annual cycle event with over 25,000 cyclists making the 70 mile journey between London and Birghon.