Getting To Edinburgh, How to get to and around Edinburgh.

Most people arrive in Edinburgh via car, train or bus. Those arriving by public bus will most likely be dropped in the city centre at Elder Street, the central bus station. For details on routes to Edinburgh from other major UK cities please see our Getting to Edinburgh section.

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If you are coming to Edinburgh by train be advised that British railways are expensive and premium rates are charged during rush hours. You are well advised to book train tickets in advance as they are cheaper. Tickets can be posted to you or you can pick up pre-paid tickets at the station. It normally takes just four and a half hours by train from London and Waverley, the main railway station, is located right in the centre of Edinburgh city centre.

If you wish to save money rather than time you may find that your route or part of your route is served by Megabus, a discount bus company offering fares from as little as 1 GBP for a single between cities. One route they offer is Glasgow to Edinburgh, but they also offer longer routes from London and other major cities. For prices and timetables click the link below:

If you are travelling to or from an International destinations such as Edinburgh to Paris, Edinburgh to Warsaw and Edinburgh to Amsterdam you may be interested in looking at Eurolines who connect 41 European cities and over 500 destination across Europe. Eurolines cheapest fare is 15 GBP between cities with their funfare promotion. You can also buy a 15 day unlimted bus pass for Europe for as little as 175 Euros. For details download the Eurolines European Bus Pass

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If you decide you would like to spend a little longer in Edinburgh to soak up the atmosphere and visit a few more attractions why not check out some of the Edinburgh Hotel Deals and see if anything takes your fancy?

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