Brighton To London by Bus (110mins from 11GBP)

Brighton Pool Valley to London Victoria by Bus

Brighton to London by bus

The bus service between Brighton and London is excellent and runs every hour from 3AM to 9PM. You can book a return fare from just 5.50 GBP each way. To get cheap fares you need to book in advance and travel at off-peak periods after 9am. Buses arrive in London Victoria coach station and depart from Pool Valley coach station located in Brighton City centre. The buses from Brighton to London do stop at other locations in Brighton and London along the way. The bus from Brighton to London is cheaper than the train, and the route is very popular so it is advisable to book online in advance to secure the best fare.

(Please note: If you buy a bus ticket using the form above for a specific time and you are delayed, the ticket will still be valid for any bus between London and Brighton for 24 hours from the original departure time.)

If you are arriving in London from Brighton and wish to travel to other UK cities you may also wish to take a look at Megabus or MegaTrain (see section below) from London to other UK cities with fares as low as 1.50 GBP one way for the bus. For the latest prices and booking information please click the button below:

Brighton to London by train (60mins 25 GBP)

Brighton to London by train

Trains from Brighton to London run from Brighton train station located on Queens Road. There is a regular service from Brighton to London that run from 3:50AM to 11:30PM. The journey time from Brighton to London is about 60 minutes for direct services, and trains run every 10 to 20 minutes at peak times, arriving in London at London Bridge or London Victoria train stations.

The cheapest advanced ticket is 25 GBP but prices vary alot depending on how far in advance you book your train ticket and the time of day you wish to travel. It is often possible to get cheaper train tickets by buying two single tickets rather than a return. Tickets can be booked online to get the cheapest fares and tickets can be either posted to you or picked up from an automated machine upon arrival at the station. To check live prices and availabilty please click the link below:

If you are travelling on from London it is worth taking a look at the Megatrain which now operates between London and various UK cities and offers some very good value fares if you are flexible in your travel dates and times and are able to book in advance. To check the latest prices and fares click the link below

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If you decide you would like to spend a little longer in Brighton to get a little more clubbing done and visit a few more attractions why not check out some of the Brighton Hotel Deals and see if anything takes your fancy?

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