Cardiff To London by Bus - 3 hours (27 GBP)

Cardiff to London by bus

As the capital city of Wales, Cardiff has many attractions for tourists and other visitors alike. Most people choose to take the train from Cardiff to London because it is the fastest option but coach travel is equally good and normally cheaper. National Express run a very good service that departs hourly at half past the hour and takes three and a quarter hours to make the trip.

An economy return bus fare to Cardiff costs 32 GBP but can be had for as low as 3 GBP for a single journey during special offer periods. If you would like to check for special offers and the latest prices click on the button below to be taken to the secure official website:

(Please note: If you buy a bus ticket using the form above for a specific time and you are delayed, the ticket will still be valid for any bus between London and Cardiff for 24 hours from the original departure time.)

Megabus now operate between London and Cardiff and have some fares as low as 1.50 GBP (including booking fee) one way if you book far enough in advance. For the latest prices and booking information please click the button below:

Cardiff to London train - 2 hours (61 GBP)

Cardiff to London by train

Trains only take about 2 hours from Cardiff to London compared to over 3 hours on the bus and are obviously not affected by traffic. Trains from Cardiff arrive at Paddington Station in the West of London where you can get on the London Underground.

Train tickets tend to be more expensive than the buses and an advanced return costs 61 GBP if booked online. It is often possible to get a better price by buying two single tickets rather than a return or booking a long time in advance. If you decide to book online the tickets can be either posted to you or picked up from an automated machine upon arrival at the station using your credit card. To check live prices and availability from the largest UK online train ticket seller please click the link below:

If you are looking for the cheapest train ticket from London to Cardiff it is worth taking a look at the discount rail company Megatrain which now operates between London Waterloo station and Bath. To get the best deal between London and Cardiff check Megatrain prices from London to Bath then get another regular ticket from Bath to Cardiff (see button above). The best value fares are available to those that are flexible in their travel dates and times and are able to book in advance. To check the latest prices and fares click the link below

Cardiff Accommodation

If you decide you would like to spend a little longer in Cardiff to practice your Welsh and visit a few more attractions why not check out some of the Cardiff Hotel Deals and see if anything takes your fancy?

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